I killed him in a dream. What does it mean?

So I have this friend with benefits and though the last months we hit some rough spots, fought, etc. still I tried to keep the friendship but lately he has become distant and cold, barely can hold my gaze for more than to minutes (and lately I feel shy looking at him to), I can't be friendly with him because he starts saying it because I love him and there are days he jokes with me like before then are times he is just a jerk. Even though he is mean with me and ignores me, when I'm around he starts to hug, kiss and joke with our mutual girl friends (at the beginning I thought it was normal but lately I've started to believe he's doing it on purpose) So I got two questions.
1) why would he act like that? is he trying to make me jelouse? if so why?
2) I never dreamt about him but lately he is in every dream. Last night I dreamt we went to the beach with our friends and after a lot of events I end up shooting a girl but as the bullet passes her, it hit him. I run to him crying and as he is saying something he ends up dying and I kiss him. What would you think it means?


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  • Oh god
    You killed him 😂
    Murderer 😁
    I think he likes you and you should tell him that you have feelings for him then kiss him with some love ❤
    He'll understand that
    And if he doesn't then we both can kill him again


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  • It's your subconscious telling you that it has had enough of him and that you need to let go, even if it hurts.