Is it cheaper to buy or build a motorcycle?

i have been looking at the ktm 690 smc with googly eyes for the last two years. i have test driven it three times and i love it! but the cost would drain my bank account because im in collage haha! is it cheaper for me to save up and buy the thing in two years. or make my drz 400 a little faster, with new carbs and proper tuneing, right now? haha (note: thats not my drz in my profile pic. mine is ugly as hell and beat up from trips off road :P )


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  • Buying it, because if you happen to build it wrong... you'll have to double the chances of you dying, and funeral costs are by no means cheap.

    • true true, but that didn't happen with my brothers ninja 650, he did a full rebuild himself after he raced it and it didn't kill him (yet) he knows just as much as i do, (witch is barely anything) haha

    • Then build it, and ask him to help you.

    • too bad he lives across the country form me :/

  • Make a rat bike and ride it with pride.

    • knowing my skills the welds would break on the first bump haha, im good at tuning and putting things together like Lego blocks, not welding and fabricating :P