Im losing that one living creature that made me feel wanted?

So moved about 3 months ago and I have been able to make friends and stuff, but just not any close friends. I haven't been able to find anyone to date either (meet one guy, we had a 2 week thing) and now i just learned that the cat im taking care of (the owner of the apartment owns a cat) is going to stay at someone else for the rest of the time im renting the apartment.. and im so sad

The cat would lie on my shoulder and purr and cuddle with me in the morning and before i vent to bed. After long days he wold meet me in the stairs.. And he just made me feel wanted

Yeah, he is "just a cat", but he is the only living creature that has made me feel wanted.. People are super nice and stuff, but i haven't really connected with anyone so even though i surrounded by people i feel alone

So any advice on how to cope with this? He (the cat) was kinda one of the only very positve things in my life right now


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  • Sorry to hear your feline friend is moving away :-( Cats are awesome, hell, animals in general are the best!

    Have you considered getting a pet of your own? I've ended up caring for a betta fish and a snail that needed a home, and have totally fallen in love with them. Never was a fish person before, but this fish has changed that and is sometimes a good friend to talk to :-) Other times he just likes watching TV with me (seriously, he swims to the side of the tank that he can see the TV from and hangs out there looking at the TV).

    Get yourself a cat of your own, or a gerbil or hamster or fish... or a snail! they're cool critters too and have personality!

    • cat are the best <3 and the thing is that im only living here temporart.. i only have the apartment until July.. and i dont know if the next place im going to will allowe pets :/

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    • yeah, im actually planning to visit the animal shelter this weekend.. i need it.. that or booze lol

    • Animals are more fun than booze... :-)

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  • hmm... I say put yourself out their join a club.


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  • A woman who can win a cats heart will have no problem winning a guys heart and friends always take time to materialise, its just one of those things you just can't rush, x

  • :( Im sure he will miss you too. And Im sure hed want you to be happy. Hed want you to go down to the pound and rescue a cute kitten to love and make you feel wanted. Cats are amazing creatures :)

    • i want to.. but im only living her to July.. when i get a cat i want it to be a time when i know im stable and can provide it the best home i can provide it

    • Cats can move with you. I garantee the poor thing will be much happier with a loving girl like you than cramped in a cage down at the shelter. Even if you do move. Dont think so much on material provisions. Even decent cat food is cheap and they dont eat much. Its more about providing a loving environment.

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  • When I feel lonely I go to church because 9 times out of 10 I will be treated well by the people I encounter there. Going to church is far more therapeutic then paying $150 dollars to talk to a psychologist or psychiatrist.

    • thanks for the advice.. but i would never go to a church.. religious people makes me a bit irritated lol