I feel depressed right now?

I just told someone about thsi guy and he's really well-off I think she thinks I'm an idiot for liking him.


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  • You feel depressed because of something someone might be thinking of you? Who is this person? Friend? Family?

    • friend. I've been feeling low today.

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    • I showed her a picture. She said she's average-looking.

      Then I told her about a (true) story of how she had a problem with me over her boyfriend.

      I think she just stopped replying out of lack of believability that the guy could like me.

      I don't think the guy liked me, but that girl was kind of crazy.

    • ... there seems to be a lot of speculation as to what people are thinking or feeling without any proof otherwise apart from the issue you had with your crush's girlfriend... carry on with life as normal... your friend will think whatever she's going to think and I don't think it would be worth it talking any more to her about it otherwise she will think you're obsessing over the matter

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