My mom was nice to me after we argued?

I don't ever argue with my mom.. ever i usually submit to her but she made me mad over the simplest thing, i was trying to carry stuff in the house and she got mad at me for not carrying her bag.

(she just had surgery and had to use crutches, i told her i would be right back but she kept caling me and calling me i got so mad i threw the bags on the sidewalk and told her to pick them up herself...
she wasn't patient...

so i went in and she came in the house and we argued andi went to sleep.. usually when i argue with someone we ignore eachother for a few days, i thought it would be the same with her but i woke up

she had fixed me something to eat she sounded like she had sympathy for me.. that quick..

i didn't expect that at all...

is this normal for her to be nice that fast or should i suspect something..


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  • no parent wants their kid angry at them. She's just making up for getting you mad, appreciate it. Some mothers wouldn't care and would stoop down to your level.


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  • She's your mother, kid. She birthed you from her own belly. She clearly loves you and had compassion for you.

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