Anyone out here on GAG from Singapore?

Although I've come across gagers from across the world, I have noticed the vast majority of users here are based in the US. Just curious if there is anybody else on here from my part of the world.

  • Hey there! I live in Singapore!
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  • I'm from Singapore, but don't live there anymore.
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  • I've lived in Singapore before for work/ studies etc
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  • I'm not from Singapore but been there on holiday/ for business before.
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  • Never been to Singapore, but curious to see results.
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I'm guessing not, from the lack of responses to this question. Lol


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  • Never been outa the US. I don't know if Singapore would make the bucket list though. To be honest, I think I'd be a little fearful of making a silly mistake and not knowing it was illegal or something and end up in jail for making eye contact with a married woman. I know I probably sound ignorant. I bet it is beautiful there though.

    • Lol. Yeah this is Singapore we are talking about, not Saudi Arabia. But granted you do get fined heavily for a lot of silly things here, like littering, eating or drinking on public trains, urinating in elevators (yup there is a law specifically against this,) and smuggling in bubble gum! We lovingly call our home a 'fine' city.

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    • Ha ha! Well I don't drink coffee, but I am sure we can find a suitable beverage to have with each other...

    • Wait! Did I hear this correct? You share my interst in spending an hour or so across a table from one another over a beverage? Hmmmm, suddenly Singapore is sounding very interesting. Hello revised bucket list! 😆

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  • Kangy is from Singapore if I'm not mistaken.

    I've lived in Singapore before cause my mum had to work there for a few years.

    • Oh I haven't run into Kangy yet. Mind tagging him/ her for me?

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    • Visiting Sydney and Melbourne. So that's NSW and Victoria. Not too Long a trip - 10 days.

    • Ah that's fun! Have fun!! Sydney is hella fun.
      Sydney and Melb is kinda close to each other. For me to even get to another state takes more than a day if I drive. 😩

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  • Hey!! I am not from Singapore. But since there wasn't any response to the question, I just thought I should let you know. But I could be from Singapore if you'd like me to...

    • Ha ha. Thanks for commenting. This question looked rather lonely up here...😊

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