Is this the reason?

I know this guy who I have a tug of war thing going on with, where I think I'm smarter and he thinks he is.

I don't know why, that's just the way it is.

Anyways, he asked me if I had read any books lately, and I didn't want to tell him my booklist because it's mine and I don't like sharing. So I did tell him a book that I was reading that wasn't that great, but it was still true I was reading it.

He just stopped replying, to my shock.

Did he know I was being selfish by not really telling him any real good books or was he just being an ass?


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  • He probably asked as he likes to discuss things with you, it's not him being smarter it's him enjoying the challenging conversation. On top of this he's made an effort to get to know more about you by trying to read the books you are going to because he wants something in common to talk with you about as he enjoys the conversation (the one-up-manship is a classic guy way to try and get you gals to notice us). You not wanting to share has probably been interpretted as you not wanting to talk to him, and he's either given up trying or it has hurt his feelings, hence the radio silence. Or he's gone out with friends and forgotten to reply. Look really if you enjoy the banter and the relationship don't hold so much back, like your book list for example, give him subjects to read and talk to you on. If he's doing that he likes you. If you dont like him dont sweat it, the loss of interest is probably easier than an awkward conversation or situation down the track anyway.

    • I told him I was updating my novels list and he was like all great any standout collections so I briefly described this book and he stopped replying.

      I was actually so happy to talk about that book with someone and it dismayed me even more when he didn't reply

    • Give it a couple of days, he may get back to you. If not dont get upset, nor bothered that you did something wrong. And keep reading, not enough people do it nowdays (myself included). There is always the possibility he's a poor conversationalist and just isn't reading your cues to initiate or continue conversation (Us guys can be a bit slow with this sometimes).

    • He didn't. And when I asked if he knew the guy (after a few days), again no reply.

      It's hard not to be upset. I didn't understand what I did wrong, even as two acquaintances casually talking that's kind of rude.

      I love reading and will continue to do so.

      I don't know if he's a poor conversationalist. But I think most people with common sense and I think he does have common sense, would likely know it would be rude to the other person

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