I feel so shitty, can someone dig a whole for me to lay in?

I moved out a month ago bc my relationship with my mom was so bad i didn't feel welcome. We basically hated each other. I moved in with my coworker & her boyfriend, who was also able to get me a job at his work. But now my roommate & i dont get a long very well. She touches my food, borrows my clothes even when i dont reply to her text asking for permision (yes she goes in my room), & is basically pretty disgusting. She also told our coworkers what a weird roommate i was & how i was particular with my food. (i just dont like using dirty spoons to get sour cream) thanks to her now there's food in my sour cream. Anywho, she smokes hookah, & she doesn't always clean it out so when she does its disgusting. So today she was cleaning her hookah in the kitchen sink & was pouring out the water from the botom piece & she dumps it over my dishes so im like "dude wth you're getting it all over my dishes" & she's like "it wouldn't get on it if the dishes were in the dishwasher" i dont say anything & i turn around continuing to cook & i look back again as she's dumping the rest & she purposely pours it in my cup & mug when she has an entire space in the sink to pour it & laughs when i flip out & tell her thats disgusting & uncool. She says it doesn't matter bc theyre going in the dishwasher. So i get mad & i reply "well some of us actually know how to hand wash" i said that bc she literally can't do anything & makes a mess & leaves it. Some of our coworkers told me she finds it funny how angry i get. They tell me bc they know what a piece of trash she is. Everyone saw it before i moved in & no one could believe i actually moved in but now i know what everyone saw. Anywho enough of her. Also my friends are like "oh you're so blunt you need to stop" but like I've literally always been this way, dont try to change me. So i guess thats goodbye to them. One says i always remind her of how she's failing at life instead of me listening to her.

Also, I don't know i started the new job my roommate got me and I don't know anyone. And im leaving my old job that i worked at over a year. And its like starting over (something i always wanted) but now that things aren't perf im like ughhh i wanna go home and sleep but the home i come to isn't even where i wanna be. Im just always hiding in my room when im not working and then i get wasted on the weekend. And I don't know i wanna cry
Sorry its so long. Thanks if you actually read ut all


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  • lmaoo i really dont want to comment but since i fucking read your novel... FUCK THAT HOE =)

    • who the fuck smokes hookah anyways wtf lol

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    • No one wants me there though. I tell my mom all the shit thats happening, not so she can take me in, but bc i have no one to talk to and she's like "where are you gonna move?" she dgaf haha

    • lol ohh man that blows. ik your going to do w. e but i say go back home. It's sorta ok for family members to talk crap but you shouldn't take shit from others tho.

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  • Sounds like your female room mate is just taking the piss out of you. Maybe add a key lock to your bedroom door to prevent her from going in without your permission and using your stuff/borrowing things. You can always buy one of those mini fridges and store it in your bedroom and place all your food in there aswell. With the dishes and all, you just need to make sure they are done and out of harms way from your room mate, otherwise you are good to go.

    New job new start, it's good for a change. You can't expect to know everyone or anyone at this new job of yours. Which is pretty normal to be quite honest. Apart from that, getting wasted over the weekend seems typical to drown pain. Why not do something different and something you enjoy (whatever that maybe)

    • Yeah im adding a lock this weekend when theyre both not home bc it might take me a while. I have a mini fridge at my parents and I'll be putting it in my room as soon as the lock is on

    • you're good to go

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  • It is her house, you don't really have much say.

    • Im paying rent too tf lol

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    • Yeah but getting my own place isn't easy. I work 3 jobs. Well more like 2.. And rent is more than one paycheck of mine for one room and i got a good deal for a nice area.

    • Then stop complaining