Ok last question were can I find a proustitue?

we're can I find a proustitue I've decided that this motion of the ocean mobo jumbo is a myth and this if if talk all false men are logical thinkers you know if I see it can see it i can belive it and there's 0 proof

lol how do you words


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  • You mean you have a small dick so you think you have to pay for sex?

    People with small dicks get laid, they get married, hell - they even have affairs!

    If size was all that mattered then we would just by massive dildo's...

    • ehh I have a feeling their also the most cheated on. and no you don't buy massive you wait fore the guy with the massive dildo attached to his body to come around. and also girls from last generation always seemed well different from mine in a good way

    • Wome do not go after or wait for men with massive schlongs. For one, they aren't that common, for two, you have to get to a certain stage before you find out, and a big dick does not make for excellent sex. Whine and whinge all you like but it won't make it true.

      Size queens will want big cock, most people aren't that obsessed by it. It's men who love massive dicks.

    • men don't love big dick lol. men love the reaction big dicks have on wemen I've yet to see a video were a chick is making any facail expression when doing a guy with a small one (well I did see one but I'd probably wouldn't belive it and don't tell all porn is faked cuz I heard from porn stars that some is fake and some real it's a mix) in fact I don't like watching porn cuz of what I'm packing. but I see what you have said holds some truth

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  • The backpage... godspeed brotha haha.


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  • Learn how to spell Prostitute* first.

    • why would I need to now how to spell protitute. ? (I have auto correct )

    • Still didn't spell it right. Why a prostitute?

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  • Probably can find one online or on the streets in big cities.