Any advice on how to get long hair?

i want long hair, but i have culry hair it need extra care and i have to careful not to use too much heat or manipulate it too much. Right now the longest part of my hair is about armpit length,

i normally only straighten it every 2-3 months, right now the last time i straightened it was early July so about 5 months. I deep conditoner about once a week and i only use shampoo once a month (i only use it when i have a lot o build up). And i'll rinse it 2-3 times a week.

After i wash it put some pure coconut oil in it and braid it..

Last time i had a proper trim was when i had it straightened, except from that time i have trimmed maybe twice ( 1/2-1 inch)

I know it will take at least 6tmonth to a year before i can see visiable difference, but any advice? Any runtines you would like to share?


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  • Take fish Oil, Vit e and drink a lot of water


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