Why does my friend talk to me outside of work but not inside of work?

My friend and co-worker has recently found out that that I really care about him as a friend. Its just really easy to remeber things about him. Any way, after he found out, we haven't talked about it. But I found out, about what he knew, a week after. One of our friend told him and then she told me that she told him. I am not angry at her because I don't mind if he found out or not. But now he don't talk to me at work, I didn't ask him why, but whenever we see each other outside of work he would talk to be and be like a nornal friend with me. I don't understand why that is?

We use to talk at work but now he behaving like if I am invisible at work


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  • Because he's working. Its called wotk because its work. Obviously your friend has a strong work ethic and you dont. He will go far and you will be left dragging your ass.


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  • He knows now that any interaction between you two is purely platonic. Before finding out that you see him as a friend, he may have held onto some hope that you wanted more. Flirting with you and trying to figure out if you liked him became what he looked forward to at work. But now that he has his answer, the fun is gone and so he's decided to just focus on his work and not put interacting you at a higher priority. Outside of work, he of course speaks to you, because he doesn't have any other distractions. I hope this helps.


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  • because professionalism? you are there to work not have a comfrence with your friend

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