What does a feminism mean?

Srry not a native speaker and I see you people here talk about it and I don't know what it means :(


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  • Women's rights advocation


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  • It's a modern political movement that seeks to take away political agency from men in the western world. Where I live, the meaning of feminism is a little closer to It's dictionary definition... Non western feminists subscribe to philosophies that extol, in women, traditionally female virtues like perseverance and self reliance. It is supposed to seek to explode the myth of female inferiority to males in any sphere of life. Nowadays, the internet people have reduced this philosophy into a label, with slogans 'like all men are rapists' and 'twitter harassment gave me Post Traumatic Stress Disorder'...

    • Aha now I understand thanks you sir

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  • It means that you're in favor of the advancement of females. Just look at the foundational construction of the word. Feminism... It's really a structure of belief focusing entirely on females based on Femin and ism... Anyone that says otherwise is a literal retard and should be locked in a facility with children with downsyndrome and full blown autism.

  • Dictionary definition: "feminism is the advocacy of women's rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men.".

    Reality: "feminism is a sexism based hate movement that uses lies and misinformation to maintain the illusion that women are oppressed by a fictional patriarchy, thereby maintaining a sense of hatred toward men for the purpose of achieving political and social power over them."

    • Could you please link to the website of this sexist movement? I am curious to learn more of their strange ways.

    • There is no single official web site, but there are thousands of them on the web. Just Google the phrase "I hate men" and you will find more feminist web sites and blogs than you ever wanted to.