Does being scared of seeing a girl after rejection more harmful to yourself and what you're thinking?

The girl that I fell in love with goes to the same school that I go to and I know her schedule because I used to hang out with her. Now I try to avoid her at all costs, because it hurts me when I see her talking to other guys and I wish I was the one sitting near her again. The problem is that she doesn't want to see me again and the last time I tried to apologize to her for telling her my feelings; she ran to her "friends", because she doesn't trust me anymore. It's the library and I can't risk getting accused of harrassment or stalking eventhough I'm not really approaching her anymore, talking to her or menacing her in any way. All I wanted to do was reason with her, but she didn't want to give me a chance. The whole situation sucks, so I just try to avoid the library at all costs until next semester. I wish she was still my friend eventhough I had strong feelings for her, but she ended our friendship, because I wanted to be more than just friends with her and I kept pushing it, so it's partly my fault that nothing worked out. She liked spending time with me, but I know I can't do that anymore. I'm avoiding any contact as much as I could to stay out of trouble. It's hard to stay away from someone you want to hang out with, but I can't lose my future over one girl. She's acting childish, but in my opinion I;m acting more childish, but smart for staying away and keeping a distance from her.


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  • You told her how you feel and she wants no part of it. Why would you still want to be with her? Wouldn't you rather find someone who wants to be with you?

    • You're completely right about that. Being friends with her and having feelings for someone who doesn't really feel the same way that I feel about them is just a waste of time; even though she used to enjoy spending time with me and we were close. Thank you for your opinion.

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