Do u add water before or after u leave it on?

So I work at a school and Headlice is going around. I don't have it but I'm using Headlice shampoo just to be safe. On the bottle it says apply enough shampoo to throughly wet hair. Leave undiluted shampoo for ten min. Work shampoo into hair while adding small quantities of water forming a lather. Rinse throughly.

Do I add small quantities of water to form a lather before or after I leave it in for ten min. I never used this stuff before


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  • I believe you just use it like regular shampoo but leave it in for a few minutes so it seeps into your hair before washing it out, kind of like you would do with conditioner.

    • I have really thick curly hair. So if I add the shampoo by itself without adding water to form a later prior to the ten mins I'm afraid it won't work bc it isn't spread throughly in my hair

    • I apologize, I was in the mindset of when you're in a shower so your hair would already be wet. So yes, make sure your hair is wet before using the shampoo!

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  • ahhh a perk of being black. We don't get headlice the reason being our head is to dry so i guess there's it's pots and cons.