Yorkie Terriors?

Anybody out there have a yorkie? Well I have had mine for two years, he's a boy named Benji and I love him so much. But I dot. Love his bad ways. I'll go to the bathroom for 1 min and leave him unsupervised and he takes the opportunity to pee on the bed. Sometimes it will be after I have taken him out. This is his biggest problem. No he isn't neutered was thinking of neutering him maybe it will help. We had got him and would always leave him in the living room alone not caged up or anything and he peed on a couch so much we ended up buying a new one. Now I put him in a confined space when I leave witch helps but he still pees on corners of things in the house any chance he gets. He also crys wen I leave him in the cage so when I leav I put him in confined area but still crys. Any yorkie owners out there? Help...


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  • They're great. Little love bugs