How one can prevent from electronic or electromagnetic torture?

And please tell 100 % And permanent cure.


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  • I'm not sure what you are getting at, but I usually wear an aluminum foil hat, heavy gauge, formed to look like a Hershey kiss. i usually adorn the tip with a small season or holiday appropriate decoration so that no one thinks I'm crazy.

    • But now days technology is so advanced that they can penetrate through heavy gauge. And even i cannot wear it every where or every time. is there anything like any micro device we can carry, which can prevent it or absorb these radiation. My life is really fucked and become hell Dude

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    • I'm in hell, I think it would solve my problem surely , Superb dude, you are a hunk, you are king, you are fantastic, a big high five to you. I love you man. :-)

    • I brought the device, and it was working, though it stopped the frequency of my cell phone, I stopped using cell phone too to get rid of this major problem. But now suddenly same thing started happening again. My device can stop only four kind of frequencies related to cellphones. I think they are using some different frequencies. Please help, and also I have to carry this device everywhere, but many places it's not allowed, not even in my office.
      And one imp thing is, my thoughts are being broadcasted, actually everyone can read me. Please help me, is there any permanent solution other than I kill myself. I cannot merry until it's resolved. Whatever is think good or weird, even everyone knows it. I'm in hell... please help me

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