Has anyone ever played Ori and the Blind Forest?

I was gonna get an Xbox bundle and one of them comes with this game and I was wondering if it was any good?


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  • YES!!! Only video game I've played in like.. years xD I liked it a lot, but got stuck :S


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  • It's an amazing platformer but it is challenging, so be prepared for a few stern tests along the way.

    • I wanted the fall out bundle but that doesn't come out til the 10th when the deal was over so I was thinking of going with the ori, rare replay, and gears bundle over the tomb raider bundle. I heard ori was amazing going by reviews but I figured I'd ask. Thank you

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    • If you can afford it, get both, best of both worlds.

    • Definitely not that interested lol. I don't really like any ps4 only games. I just I like that all games look a bit better on ps4. I wish the Kinect was useful but it's not so I'll get the bundle without it lol

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