He's going to fight me tomorrow and I dont want to?

I got into a stupid argument with a senior on my bus he has anger problems,

there was only one seat left that is usually my seat and he had nowhere to sit so he took it i asked him to scoot over and let me in and he started calling me fat, ugly, he was like

"No stand your fat ass up"

and i was like i can't the bus driver is telling me to sit and this is the only seat

and he would go

"Oh well i'm not scooting over, your fat ass is out of luck"

and the bus driver mad him scoot over and he was threatning me the whole ride. he said this afternoon when you get on the bus i'm going to beat your fat ass up then he hit me in my head

i walked home to avoid the fight and when i was in school i told them my situation and they switched me busses but the bus is like 3 blocks away and my mom said no she's not letting me walk that far

so she's making me take this bus and today being Friday i just no he's going to try and mess with me when i get off the bus and there's nothing i can do since we won't be on school grounds,

what should i do i'm honestly scared he's 17
im 14 and he's way bigger than me im only a freshman

I've been avoiding the bus by playing sick

today i got on the bus and he sat in the front and i was confused, this girl who sat behind me saw everything and reported it, if he messes with me again he can't ride that bus anymore so he's stopping for now but what if he comes after me in or after school


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  • If you know you're gonna lose, get a couple of friends to hang back and tape that shit. Make sure you try to walk away first, and audibly refuse to fight back, let him make the first move. Remember to protect your face and try to maintain distance from him. Aim for the nuts and throat. Get a little canister of axe or something, the one with continuous spray and spray that shit in his face then punch him? Dunno. Try to reason with him though, it's just a seat, like he has no reason to be so uptight.

    • i only have one friend like person on my bus and thats my sister she's a junior but she's even smaller than me, we are not fighters and the whole bus is basically on his side he's "cool" i guess

    • Well that sucks. That's one of the stupidest reasons to fight. That guys a cockbite for real. Aim for the nuts and throat if you must and yeah, try not to get knocked to the ground and protect your face. Can't take an alternate route?

    • That's honestly one of the dumbest things to fight over. Lmfao oh my god. What a jackass. Just tell him that. Like if he has a problem, its with the bus driver. What a dumbfuck. Sometimes I really just can't believe the jock stereotypes are true.

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  • He's 17 and you're 14? You should tell someone, man. He's not following the rules by picking on a kid so you don't have to follow em either.


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  • Does your Mom know that her son is being threatened? If you were my kid, that boy would be in front of you right now, apologizing.

    • all she knows is i had my bus changed
      i dont want to tell her because that makes me look like a coward to get my mom

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    • Lol the members of GaG all converge on this one bully. "You fuck with one Gagger, you fuckin' with the GaG family!" Lmfao.

    • @fondue
      yeah and i thank everyone my mom had my bus changed back once i told her the truth

  • Just try to ignore him if you do see him on the bus. If he starts picking a fight with you, just ignore him maybe if you ignore him enough and don't pay any attention to him he'll leave you alone. And if he doesn't leave you alone just try to get out of the situation the best you can.

    • i dont want to have to bring a pocket knife thats the only protection my family has
      and im the oldest boy.. no dad

  • Ignore him, if he hit's you don't hit back, just back away... reason with him, that fighting for such a trivial thing is stupid.

    • That totally would have been me when I was his age, but now looking back I wish I had stood up for myself and fought back more. Avoiding confrontation is the best option, 100%. But if that's off the table and this bully throws the first punch, fighting back would accomplish several things... First, hopefully the bully would be all bark and no bite and the kid asking this question would come out on top. Second, the bully might think twice before picking on a kid who's shown that he's not afraid to defend himself and fight back. Third has to do with self confidence. Have you seen Back To The Future? The whole thing with Marty getting George McFly (his dad) to fight back, and how different the future was once George finally stood up for himself and realized he didn't have to let people push him around? There's a lot of truth to that...
      Fighting is stupid, but if you have to, WIN.

    • @Lovelinefan
      i dont want him to hit me and i not do nothing he's going to se me as an easy target but him being 6 ft and im not even close to that height what can i do?

    • If it has to take the bus, then he'll be trapped with a dude much older and much bigger than him. Most likely, the older kid will be able to literally beat him senseless, and there will be no way for him to escape. He'll get his ass handed to him, and then he'll be picked on for a LONG time to come.

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  • Dude I've been in similar situations, bullies suck.
    If it's any consolation, you can bet that his home life BLOWS and he's probably been on the receiving end of some sort of abuse much worse than what you're dealing with, that's usually where kids learn that physical violence and intimidation is how they're "supposed to" feel better / stronger from.

    As far as what to do, your mom seems a little unreasonable... does she understand what's going on?

    Either way, that would just be putting off the inevitable... sooner or later you're gonna see this kid, so in a way it's better to deal with the problem now rather than later.

    There's a few options...

    First, he might forget or no longer feel the need to "beat your fat ass up."
    That would be ideal, but don't count on it. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

    Another option is to go in with the intention of beating HIS ass up. Sometimes bullies are all bark no bite, they get their kicks making kids like you whimper and tremble with fear, and their friends think they're cool 'cause they're so tough. But they're really p*ssies who are banking on you not putting up a fight.

    I can look back now to when I was your age and dealing with a similar situation (I had to go to the same bus stop as this goon) and the older me can say I would have told my younger self to be ready to start throwing punches and kicks at the first sign that he was going to start bullying me, and just to catch him by surprise and not let up until he's down and begging for mercy. But I'm not sure I would have been able to follow through with that, I'm really not a fighter at all.

    If there's no way for you to avoid the fight, give it all you have, use whatever you have at your disposal (instrument case, backpack, etc.) and don't hold back.

    You've already got a paper trail with the school and your parents that this guy started the bullying, so if you need to defend yourself, don't worry about getting in trouble. (you still might, but you have a solid case)

    If you don't have a way of avoiding or defusing the situation (you could be like "dude, you're 3 years older and much bigger than me, does it really make you feel like a man to pick on ME?"), go at it with all you've got.

    I'm not one to normally encourage fighting, but if it's unavoidable, make sure you inflict some serious pain on him. Got my fingers crossed for you dude, hope you avoid any confrontation but if not, kick his ass! Let us know how it goes...

    • thanks and im not sure if i can do much damage on him.. but ill try... he is on the football team I don't know if that has anything to do with it but... yeah hopefully he forgot...

  • "He's going to fight me tomorrow and I don't want to?" TBH you don't really have a choice + screw all of that passive aggressive PC bullshit.

    Since if he's any type of a "tough guy" he's going to charge you and beat ya ass (rather you like it or not). So either you're going fight for your respect or run like a coward (and be made fun of for the next 4 months min) I'm sorry, but there isn't any other way around it.

    "what should I do I'm honestly scared he's 17
    I'm 14 and he's way bigger than me I'm only a freshman" Hey if you win you'll get nothing but respect. But if you lose "nothing bad will happen to you REP WISE" since everybody expected you to lose #JustSaying


    • And if a nigga dont wanna MOVE you MAKE him MOVE not ASK... cuz MFs gone think you're a little bitch who they can "run over" LOL

  • You could either tell on him, this is what i suggest you do. Or face him preferably with some friends or with a bat orbwith friends who have bats. Maybe an older tough sibling

    • im the oldest i do have a sister who is 18 but she's scrawny i dont think she could do any damage the wind couldn't do

    • Cousins? I still think your better off telling someone.

    • nah no cousins i have a cousin my age that goes to another school
      and my other cousins are younger than me in middle school

  • Shit you might have to get some of your friends to back you up

    • only time i see them is in school and they are not the fighting type lol we are "nerds"
      we like anime etc so thats what we are labled

    • Pay someone to protect you

  • I'd beat the shit out of him but if ur scared just take it lke a man.. u might even get laid after this n people might think ur cool lol fight back !

  • if it leads to violence don't hold back dude

  • Hit the gym!

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