Where to find free things on the internet?

I love gettings through the post, anything with my name on it that I can open always makes my day.

So... Where can I find 100% free things that I dont have to pay for even a little bit?

Dosn't matter what it is, as long as it comes in the post! :D


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  • Write an email to a company saying you are writing a report for school or a consumer group and would like some samples for class/group. Make sure to ask for info on their products (they love pimping their wares) and be sure to add they might even find some new customers if all goes well.

    (I've been doing this since 8th grade and it never fails)

    • This is a good idea, I have heard of it before but never actualy tried... I think I may! And brands or products that you find the easyst to do this with?

    • Food and snacks are quickest to oblige. (Popcorn, Jerky, Little Debbie) But with non edibles you have to been a little more crafty. Think half compliments and half complaints.

    • Thank you ^_^

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  • I would say craigslist free section but you'd have to go get it yourself.

    • Awwww, I looked at the free section and there's a German shepherd puppy!

    • Naw, I couldnt ask for someone to send me one in the post though ha ha

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