Should developed nations take over developing nations, use their resources (human, natural) and help to develop them?

For the whole race of mankind, let's all get developed. I think developed nations should go for a coup or by any way take over on developing nations and develop them. Coming from a developing nation, we are tired of the how backward we are when it comes to just everything, infrastructure, climate, jobs, everything.

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  • i dont think they should take over, but i definitely think they should help. i heard of a statistic which stated that approximately 20% of the world's nations possesses 80% of the world's money.

    let that sink in...

    we really do need to change things up and become a network. however, there are 2 sides to this, because once countries link up, they can either rise or fall together.
    example, the 2008 [i think] recession. almost all of Europe and america suffered. why? because theyre all linked, geographically and financially. here in australia we're isolated from everyone else and so this helped us survive with minimal damage. it could really go either way.

    • We're humans, most intelligent species on earth, sure we can come up with fool-proof methods to not repeat what happened in 2008. Yeah let that money sink, with the problems we are having, when developed nations will be settling in the space due to unbearable conditions on earth, we, developing nations will be building roads and other infrastructure. We have to stop thinking like countries, we have to evolve, faster than ever, bc the earth is becoming a terrible place to live with climate issues. Everyone needs to solve them. Add to that the terrorism that's flourishing, and the efforts of developed nations are bearing but little fruit. We need to get together and think ad one global country and act on it before we go extinct.

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  • I agree, but the left wing of politics says we should respect other nations and not try to force ourselves on them, instead give the leadership of those nations money, and they seem to be winning.

    The result is poor nations stay that way, the leadership becomes corrupted by the free handouts from the west, they don't care about improving the lives of their citizens because if they did than the free money might stop since the free money depends on there being lots of poor who need help. It's a sick and naive way of thinking, brought on by colonial guilt, but that's the way it is.

    • There will be a time i think when developed nations find the need to force themselves on developing ones. We have to be one global nation to address the humongous issues that are coming and will keep coming to harass tge race of humans. Yes, see where Pak is goin' or even Syria, they are pumping money but these nations seem to give it all to the terrorists. Even the highly developed nations are unable to get rid of terrorist groups bc they pumped in money earlier.

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  • You mean like they did 200 years ago? The return of global power status and spheres of influence.

    It is still around. This is what the US did in Central America for the 20th century. This is what China is doing in South East Asia and Africa. They're building them roads, railroads and ports and then have primary access to valuable resources.

    • This is not the time for building roads mate. We are addressing global climate issues, pollution, terrotist threats, primary access won't help fight these.

  • Good idea in theory, but history shows wild amounts of abuse in the past when presented with similar situations. I don't believe we could trust any nation or group of nations to assist without a mob mentality effecting the outcome

  • It's never really worked out in the past and some of these countries would require military pacification first if you were to stabilize and advance them, in the long run wouldn't be worth it financially.

  • It's been tried. It was called 'colonialism' and is generally thought to have not worked out very well. The problem comes down to that 'man not living by bread alone' thing.

    • Colonialism was too mainstream, like enslaving people and all. We can work together, but with more authority to the developed nations, to curb intermediaries and corruption. Man, we shouldn't habe fought against colonialism. It's better to see the race go on and die ourselves than kill the whole race due to the 'man not living by bread alone' thing.

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