Have any of you ever taken adderal?

Got a script for it today. Taking it tomorrow for the first timeI don't know what to even do. I feel like it's going to be like that movie limitless. Going to start trading forex and become a billionaire in 10 minutes or something.


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  • I've been on it for years.
    DO NOT EVER ABUSE IT! It will mess with you.
    Take it at the same time, every-single-day!
    You have to pay more attention to getting the right amount of rest, than you ever have! It's about rhythm. It won't help you if your out of wack.
    Maintain a schedule. Discipline!
    It has been a huge improvement in what I can get accomplished now and how I feel about myself.
    But it took some hard lessons and a lot of time.
    I just gave you the lessons.
    Adhere to the above and save yourself years of time.


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  • Yea I was prescribed it and going to get prescribed again in a couple of months. That's almost how it feels when you first try it, like you can accomplish anything. It gives you A LOT of energy and makes whatever you're doing interesting and gives you motivation. There is a problem though, you STILL get distracted on addy, people think you don't but you do and if you get distracted it makes you concentrate on it more. Also, I advise you not to take it everyday of you're actually using it for studying like I was. Skip a day, when you take it two days in a row (at least for me), I had ZERO energy the 3rd day, it's almost like borrowing energy and you have to pay it back. It does work wonders though if you use it properly. Start at a low dose 5mg and work your way up. Also try to take it before 2pm and at least one hour after eating so you get more out of it and you can actually get some sleep. It gives you super vivid dreams as well.

    • The stuff doesn't do everything for you!
      You have responsibilities now, to work with the drug, enable it.
      If your Doc hasn't explained it, make Him!
      You do have the ability to focus better.
      Your just not used to having it.
      Add. can't teach you.
      Make sense?
      Get on your Shrink. He/She can't leave you hanging clueless about this!

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    • Amen '532! Good to know!
      Sounds like good attitude too.
      Gotta want it to help to allow it to.
      Good luck! You're off to great start!

    • @1derweye Thanks man!

  • send some to me man!!