Girls, have you ever accidentally taken two bc pills at once?

If so what happened?
I know it isn't toxic or anything... but this just happened to me and I'm worried I'll get sick.. I have work in the morning and can't afford to get sick and its giving me anxiety to the extreme.


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  • You'll be fine. Plan B has way higher doses of hormones than the BC does. Call your gyno in morning if it's still bothering you.

    • I'm just afraid of throwing up.

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    • *yeah. My phone is ridiculous

    • LOL! NW! Mine does the same thing XD

  • Anxiety would be more damaging to your working abilities than taking two birth control pills. Don't worry. I've done it once, didn't cause anything weird to happen.

    • You didn't throw up?

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    • y'all are all probably right I'm just an anxious mess and hormonal af.

    • Hahaha, probably unrelated to the pill. Don't stress :)