This guy in my college class, open up to me. Is he seeing something I'm not seeing because he got attached fast to me?

I notice this guy got attached to me really quick and it was like we connected, lot's of laughther, and it was like we were like friends catching up. He also calls me stranger. So he was telling me that he sees spirits and can tell when people are lying. So I was thinking he might can see things I can't see. So he brought up his girlfriend that passed and when he was talking about it, he was smiling a little but a little serious also. I didn't bring up death but he open up to me. So the next couple of days, he has been in the hall way waiting for me after class. He would break his neck to take me home. When he talks to me, he looks straight in my eyes, like he's daydreaming. What I'm saying is he does a lot of things a boyfriend would do. I just met him. When I was dating other guys he was telling me that maybe next lifetime we both be butterflies. Till this day, I can't get him out my mind.


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  • He feels comfortable around you, you're safe