Is anybody else happy kaepernick has been benched?

I've been waiting three years for this. i personally think he's the reason why we lost the super bowl


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  • i feel your pain as i have been a 49ers fan since dinosaurs roamed the earth, but this is not really good news. it's never a good thing when blaine gabbert is now the starter for one, it's also no good because kaepernick will be sitting and collecting huge checks instead of playing. he's regressed ever since signing that contract and with harbaugh gone the regression got worse, now he's the equivalent of rg 3 in washington. his football iq isn't enough to be a drop back passer the way the team is trying to make him, put up a little pass rush and he does nothing but make bad decisions. he needs to be able to run more like he did a couple years ago, but more than anything he needs to be on a new team, and the 49ers need to be away from his contract so they can rebuild and spend to do so.


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  • Not when you have Blaine Gabbert as your backup. . .

    Also Flacco and the poor D at the end is the reason why they lost the super bowl.

    • they had good d that game. they just spend too much time on the field. when that happens people score points

  • Please start winning again
    -A struggling 49ers fan


    • And I'm a Nebraska fan for college and it's one of their worst seasons ever!!

      This is just the worst year for football for me literally

    • Down with Krapernick and the crappy coaching staff!

    • Everything steph curry touches atm turns to gold..
      Give him a go

  • Finally for fucks sack I was starting to be ashamed to be a 49ers fan