I work part time and these guys keep on making fund of this girl trying to do the work. Should is step in or do anything?

To keep it short i work part time at a mechanic shop. There is a girl their who works on cars when not to many customers come in. I think she was trained but i could tell needs some reminder of somethings and also help if things are too heavy for her. These 2 guys always make fun of her when i'am there and i can notice she doesn't like it at all. If i have free time should i go help her about the work? I barely talk to her as i'am busy. Not sure how to approach this. Should i even tell those guys to stop it?


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  • Don't help her if she doesn't need it and yeah tell those guys to back off.

    • yes she does need help. She asks our boss but he is busy 8/10 times

    • Yeah try to help her ss much as you can and try getting to know her