Have you ever rejected someone and later changed your mind about that person?

Doesn't have to be romantic rejection, maybe just an opportunity to hook up/whatever.

I deeply (!) regret rejecting this guy in May. I met him about a year ago when we went to parties with the same people. He was always very nice and, in a certain way, attractive. However, my friend had previously rejected him and we always secretely made fun of him, so I was too chicken to admit I thought he was cute.
We'd flirt occasionally and when I uploaded pictures on Facebook, he'd tell me I looked beautiful. Then, in May, we went to a crazy party. We ended up being the only ones left bc our friends all went home, and we were sitting on a bed, drunk, cuddling, when he told me I smelled good. Then he leaned in and kissed me. And it felt so good. And I was SO grossed out! It was the perfect situation, yet I thought it was disgusting.
I told him I didn't feel like making out or anything else, and he kept begging throughout the night. I kept declining. We still shared a bed though, so we cuddled, and in his sleep, he'd say my name and pull me close and kiss my neck.
The following week, I was grossed out. Then I started thinking it would've been great if it had been a different guy. Then I started wondering if maybe he wasn't so unattractive at all. Then I saw him again and he ignored me, and I thought he looked pretty handsome. Then, a month later, he apologized for trying to get it on while I was drunk, and told be he NEVER does that kind of stuff. I thought he looked great. I noticed how friendly and good-looking he was.

Now, when I see him at parties, I follow him around and try to get his attention. It's hard bc he's still weird towards me. Tonight, he showed up to a party with this gorgeous girl by his side. My mood instantly dropped. I wish I could turn back time. Did I reject him because I was genuinely not interested at that time or because my subconcious told me so because I was afraid my friends would make fun of me? Anyway, I regret it. Have you ever felt this way?


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  • I have never been asked out in order to reject a woman.


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