Venting Time GaGers!! Why do I feel sad about this?

So... I'm going to attend a technical school in a week. Monday through Friday 8:30am-1:30pm. My job is full time and its a call center. Right now I have weekends off but next week I work 10 hour shifts on the weekends. I'm so butt about that :( I used the weekends to spend time with my family. But I guess that's grown up life. I'm so butt hurt about this. This job is better than my last job and its easy but 10 hour shifts? How can I do it? I can barely handle the 8 hour shift. Yeah I sit on my ass but dealing with dumbass shitty customers who dont know shit about Apple or Apple Products get old. I just dont know how to cope. The schedule I have to work on school days is 2:30-9:30pm. but I still have homework. My job doesn't believe in part time. I'm so sad about this. I feel stressed.


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  • Deeeep breaths! This is temporary, you're not going to spend the rest of your life with this schedule.
    Keep your eyes and ears open for other opportunities for jobs where your schedule will be better, or wait it out until you're done with school and are able to find a better job in the career field you want.


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