If I dont ask I have to stay at home or go by myself.. If I do ask I would feel like im only there because she doesn't want to hurt my feelings?

I dont really havce any close friends, sure i have friends, but the one close friend i have doesn't like to go out and the only thing we have in common is humor. I like to socialize and meet new people, doing so only makes him feel uncomfortable.

So there is this one girl in my class, she is very outgoing, very easy to talk to and she likes to go out. But we are basically just classmates, and we rarely hang outside school.

The few times we have hung out was because we either were invited to the same party or that i invited myself to go to a party with her.

She never says no, and i never get the impression that she doesn't want me there or doesn't like me. But then again i dont get invited.

I really want to go out tonight, and i just met here and a friend. She asked me if i was going out tonight, so i told here i hope so, then she told me that she and her friend was going to this consert. But she didnti invite me to go with them, and it makes me feel insecure when i have to ask to join.

So i dont know what to do... if i dont ask i have to stay at home or go by myself.. If i do ask i would feel like im olny there because she doesn't want to say no or hurt my feelings. So any advice?

I never get the impression that she doesn't like me or mind me being there.. but the again, it could just be an act..


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  • if there is one thing i have learned about friendship its this, good friends except you to join them without ever having to invite you and it seems she considers you good enough friend to not have to invite you anywhere

    • i guess thats one way to look at it... maybe you're right

    • by the way it this a weird thing to say "I just finished listening to the band and ireally like their music! Would it be okay with you if i join you to the consert? How much it for the ticket btw? :)" This is a really bad enlgish transelation to what im really going to write, but still lol Im probarly making a bigger deal out of it than it really is,

    • Its perfect

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