If you were emotionally cheated on, could you ever forgive that person? Could you befriend them in the future?

It just recently hit me hard that I was emotionally cheated on by my at the time girlfriend.

She texted this guy from good morning to goodnight, they went to dinner alone together, he once kissed her on the forehead, and he once texted her "If I find someone else, I'm not going to wait for you". He said that when we were dating. She said they did all of these things because they were friends. Mmhm.

My ex said that he respected me and our relationship. She said that I had nothing to worry about. When I got jealous about this whole situation, she said I had a problem.

She broke up with me. I bet you can guess who she's dating now...😕

  • I could forgive them and be friends with him/ her in the future
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  • I couldn't forgive them and I couldn't be friends with him/ her in the future
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  • I could forgive them, but I couldn't be friends with him/ her
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  • WTF is emotional cheating?

    • It's between two people that mimic the closeness and emotional intimacy of an affair while never being physically consummated.

      I guess you can think of a girl and her gay bestfriend except the guy isn't really gay.

      So for example like in my post, the guy texted her all the time, they went to dinner alone, he kissed her on the forehead... All while we were dating.

      It's emotional cheating because she's basically treating him as if he were her girlfriend except she was mine. Those kinds of emotions and activities are things that are exclusive to a relationship.. Not a friendship

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    • Did your male friend kiss you? Does your male friend text you literally 7 days a week from good morning to goodnight? Okay lemme know when that happens.

    • I understand they CAN be friends, but when a guy says "I'm not going to wait for you if I find someone else", then there is no way a "friend" can say that to another "friend". His intentions were clear and he wanted to date her.

What Guys Said 1

  • I don't consider emotional cheating to be cheating.

    • And how's that?

    • @Asker Because there is nothing that could cause me harm. I don't have to think about some guys doing nasty things with my girlfriend.