Does my girlfriend really have to be mad I didn't walk with her at nighttime? Are you girls scared to walk at night?

Me and my girlfriend take walks around 9:30-10 PM. I been busy this week and could not go for 4 days. So yesturday she was a bit mad cause she said that she is scared at night. I told her we live in a good nieghbourhood and nothing will happen. She got a bit mad after that.

So are you girls scared to walk at night or should i go with her and try and make time? Our neigbourhood is a good one and nothing bad happends. So she should be ok right?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • It has always been considered very good manners of a gentleman to walk a lady home when it's dark.. But maybe am just being old fashioned.

    • that is still very true. I was really busy with school and i couldn't walk with her. I told her nothing will happen cause we both live in a nice neighborhood. She is scared to walk alone at night.

    • Old fashioned is good.

Most Helpful Guy

  • Dude. Most girls don't like to walk alone at night, but it's more than that. They want their boyfriends to make them feel safe, even if they live in the best of neighborhoods. Little things like walking her home, giving her your jacket when it's cold, making sure she's comfortable - that's what most girls want from their boyfriends.


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What Girls Said 3

  • I've taken plenty of self defense classes, but I still don't like walking at night, even in a good neighborhood. I hope I'll never need to use what I learned in my classes.

    • i wouldn't want to mess with you lol

  • seems she's acting like a spoiled kid. i mean the only reason you couldn't walk at night with her was cause you had work to do. she shouldn't get mad cause of that...

    • yeah i know! But she said she is scared of walking alone at night. Is it a big deal?

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    • lol that is what i told her. She got a bit mad hehe.

    • overly sensitive omg. I don't know feel like she's a kid xD

  • If she's scared you really ought to follow her home.

    • walk* her home

    • we walk together but i was busy with school this week. Is it that bad walking alone at night?

What Guys Said 3

  • A girl out alone at night is tempting to some bad asses. I walked or drove my gal home when she didn't have a ride. I also made sure to get our babysitters safely home. It only takes a little bit of time and makes everyone feel more secure.

  • Yes, women are paranoid, bro.

    No, I'm not exaggerating. They are fucking paranoid.

  • That is how women are. It is irrational fear but you can't change it.

    So it is best to walk with them at night.