Should I call him back?

So this guy, I truly did 'L'. We were good, everything was good and I was fully honest with him.. 100%.. After that, things went 'downhill'.. Maybe it was because he didn't have the courage to be the same and it bothered him like hell.. I don't know.. I honestly didn't and perhaps still don't. About a week ago (give or take), I pressured him like hell, agravated him perhaps, but he was angry with me anyways long before... He ended up talking so discustingly to me... It was like vomit coming out of him nonstop.. He wasn't being anywhere like he should have been.. He spoke so nasty.. After that, it was totally done.. He doesn't stand nor deserve a chance anymore till the day I die... Although, this morning, he texted me 'Hey'... I did not reply.. Not even ten minutes later, he called me.. I slide the screen to answer but didn't really answer because I was busy, he hung up 15 seconds after.. I called him bout 2 minutes later, was like whats up, I'm busy.. He was like ok, you're busy.. Ok.. I'm like what do u want... Same answer... And I was like ok, I gtg, talk to you later. Bye. Days before though.. I texted him "Lol u do it cuz u were impatient af? Or was i too much? Lel n u couldn't handle me?" He didn't reply, but in less than 10 minutes, he called me in which I purposely did not answer.


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  • call him

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