Tips to stay up for a night out partying?

Hey guys,

Am due to go out tonight clubbing and I am shattered and it's only 4. Haven't been out in a couple of weeks because I constantly seem to be tired and have no reason to be.

Anyone have any tips what to do beforehand or during to get rid of this as I don't want to spend all night yawning and not being fun and go home early.

Used to be such a party animal haha

Thank you!


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  • I always take naps, sounds silly but if I have time I'll try to squeeze in a nap. I also go out late, I don't go out till 10 or so, but sometimes you don't get that option. Pre drink (if you do!)

    • How long do you tend to nap for as when I do for an hour or two I wake up even worse!

    • When I am going out I keep it to 30-40 minutes