Has anyone experienced a blackout before and if so I'd like to hear the story?

here's my story of my first 'en bloc' blackout

Last night I went out drinking with my mates and I ended up finishing half a bottle of vodka, on top of that I had a litre of beer. Also I apparently smoked a J after that but I can't recall anything. I blacked out

This morning my friends told me I got in a fight with some guy which I have absolutely no memory of, I have tonnes of photos in my phone of me and my mates in a train which I have no memory of, I was puking my head off which I have no memory of, and I was paralytic in the worst way possible and I have absolutely no memory of a single thing last night.

The moral of this story is stay the fuck away from vodka, I'm warning you.


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  • i've had a few blackouts before. none of them were very good ones. most, if not all, of them involved things that i wish i hadn't done.


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