I dont want to feel unwanted, dont know what to do?

so im in a current situation where i dont really have a stabile group so to speak.

And tonight i want to go out, but im not sure if i should 1) go to a pre-party with someone i know, but then go home early or conintie the party on my own after (they re going to a consert) or 2) go to a preparty with people i barely know, and then just go wherever they are going afterwards

I can't decide because i feel like if i go with the people i barely know it will be awkward, but at the same time its a big chance to meet new people etc..

Im so confused.. because i dont want to feel unwanted

sorry for bad grammar by the way lol


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  • You can also meet new people at a concert, and when going to a party where you know no one its best to have a buddy you know in case something happens.

    • i know, but they are sold out, so i can't go to the consert. And i kinda know the people at the party, were were in the same mentors group, so i know who they are and they know who i am.. i just dont know the that well personally, thats all

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    • Im 100% they dont want to go.. and I could.. And I should. . I need to rest a bit before taking any choices. by the way Im the one that downvoted you, it wasn't on purpose lol

    • Ah, okay. Lol yeah just rest on it and then decide! Good luck!