Guys, I left in a letter for him?

The policeman working on my case is like a father figure it's to personal to say what happened but he was like I will be there for you as much as I can I felt like I was outing pressure on him because there is a delay in taking my statement and I just wrote him a little letter I just Told him sorry for being so anxious and I was lucky to have him in my life and his support is amazing means a lot

I said I was sorry for being selfish and thinking about how hard it is for me and no thinking about how it is from his point of view

Do u think that sounds ok?


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  • It sounds lovely :)

    • I didn't do anything really really bad I think he is just frustrated with the whole thing not me?

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    • It might be, but it didn't seem like it for me. It's natural to be afraid of getting attached to someone you might not be able to see anymore. That's not so much about trust as it is about the fear of getting hurt.

    • your right...