Is joining the army a sin?

Thou shall not kill? Is one of the 10 commandments... Is killing in self defense a sin? Or should I turn the other check n let myself get killed? Lol I'm serious


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  • i dont believe in war or anythign like that. but i can see why its "necessary". its a sin no matter what reason you kill. but if its to save ur life or the life of someone else, i'd say its worth it. but im not really the one to judge so I don't know.


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  • I'm going to try hard not to laugh at you for that comment. Actually, I will laugh because that is a very stupid fucking thing to say.

    No. It would only a "sin" if you commit war crimes or fight for a cause that is clearly immoral, like the genocide of an ethnic group (like the Nazis with the Jews). Do you really think God would make it a sin to join an Army or kill in self defense, when He has commanded his people to commit mass murder multiple times (Read Isaiah 14:21, 1 Samuel 15:2-3, and Judges 20:48)?

    • *last comment.

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    • I wasn't trying to... just had to let u know

    • Alright then.

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