Just wondering why?

Why do people carry on with conversations, ask a question and when you answer it they've already blocked you? It's like like HELLO! Don't block me if you're asking me a question IDIOT!!


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  • Never had that issue before, though I have been blocked because I responded to a question and they didn't like the answer, so they attack me in response and block me from replying and defending myself.

    • That's crazy!!

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    • Ugh. That has happened to me also... I wish other users could see that they blocked you so that people don't think you are just letting them get away with stuff like that...

    • Yup!! Fuck em!

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  • I'm not quite sure I follow your situation, but people block other users for no reason at times.

    • I basically congratulated someone for getting a job and they needed info on which books to get and I said sorry I'm not sure. So they down voted me and I said you can eat you DV. She said what's a DV? I said a down vote. When I hit submit, she had already blocked me so my comment couldn't go through! Wtf?

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    • Yeah that's true. Thanks for your help!

    • You're welcome!

  • I've never had that issue before

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