Can Indian guys still get Indian girls out of India?

it's like so many of them in North America marry or are datign white guys an then the ones i nthe Caribbean are dating black guys or white gus even if not very rich or well of Indian cricket athletes etc any hope for the average guy?


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  • nope... Don't worry bro... We're indians... We never die alone... Be optimistic, maybe your parents will bail you out with an arranged marriage...

    • was born i nthe west we don't have that i just hope 2 many girls don't go with white guys or even black even

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    • bro do u ever get upset when u see indian girls with guys of other races? because i think to myself why do they move like this with us and act so superficial and get attitude but they go to marry other guys? Maybe i should do like my cousin and marry a white girl

    • Dude... not to be racist or anything... But, dating a white, black, etc woman is different from 'dating' an Indian girl. Go for it. But, whatever you do, no matter how much in love you think you are, never marry outside your race... Just don't... Of course, ideally you really shouldn't marry anyone right now... I am not a believer in romantic love... however, I think, if it happens, let time sort in out for you. Now, you should concentrate on meeting new people... Friends, lovers, whatever it be

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  • There's hope for anyone... don't give up! Especially if you have not tried.

  • Depends how westernized they get and how traditional their families are.