Cats or Dogs? What do you prefer out of these two adorable kinds of pets?

Here's a debate for y'all. I prefer cats cause they're capable of taking care of their hygiene better and they're not as loud as dogs are. I'm probably gonna end up being a 40 year old living with 50 cats. Although, I do want a golden retriever. They're adorable, smart, friendly, blah blah blah.. What's your opinion? <3


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  • I prefer cats. Just as you have said. Most of them clean themselves. They can be capable of alerting you of someone or something being outside your window without scarring it off. They can be taught how to use a litter box, however they can lean towards not wanting to share the same box with other cats if there are too many. And dogs, yes, I like dogs that can be trained but, I still haven't figured out how to teach them to cover their poop. I have six cats that are in doors most of the time. They can be a handful. Especially getting jealous of who gets the most attention from their owner. And sometimes makes it hard to find a sitter when I need to leave town for a few days.

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  • I don't really want a pet, though I've had them as a kid... but when I have to chose I'd take a dog. My favourite is a golden retriever :D


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