What's your favorite app?


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  • I hate to choose one but if I had to it would either be Pinterest or tango. Pinterest because I really like all the ideas and things on there and you're on there. Tango is a music player like Pandora or spotify but I like tango the best because you don't need an account to use it, you can skip as many songs as you want (you just can't skip back) and there's only about one add a day. It's really nice

    • I love Pinterest too, there's something special on there that I can't just seem to put my finger on ;)

    • Hmm really? That's interesting. I'm glad whatever it is is special ;)

    • Very special

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  • Games: Dead Trigger 2

    Social: Twitter

    Mental: Math game or calm (Meditation app)

    Useful apps: NASA or DropBox

    But out of all of those it would have to be Twitter

    What about you?

    • All good choices, hmm... probably chrome because I use it and rely on it the most and gmail

  • There is a game that I love called Nethack.

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