Do you think I should upgrade from the iPhone 6 to the HTC A9?

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  • It'd be better if you go with Samsung or LG.

    • I was thinking about the Note 5.

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    • Thanks for your feedback.

    • Thanks for MHO.

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  • My wife had 2 HTCs and their reliability got worse which each model.

    • Which models did she have?

    • HTC One M8, M9
      She also just got an LG G4 less than 6 months ago and it has chronic problems. I have a LG G3 that is about 1.4 years old, and I am happy with my only problem having been an update from Verizon that died so I had to do a factory reset. Not a big deal though with Android given I upload all of my photos to Google Drive.

  • Go with a samsung galaxy s6


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