How long did it take you to get sick of city life?

I grew up in a suburd and after HS wjemt to school in a larger city about 30 minutes from my hometown. I lived her for the past 3 years and I have come to hate it. My old HS friends awlays want to come to my place and get wasted and hit the town until 3 am and I am so over the city life and just prefer the little farmtown style bar and hangout type not the club and bar hopping. How long did not take you to dislike the city life.


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  • It took me about a week, when I was stuck in a traffic jam for an hour and it seems like all the drivers are rude and impatient. To top it off my dorm house is at an intersection that's seemingly always busy and my room is towards the road so I fall asleep to angry drivers yelling, horns honking, and ambulances because there's a hospital across the street. It makes me miss my quiet town where the only thing I had to worry about was being stuck behind slow tourists trying to find the right road.

    • I loved it for my first 2 years now I just know every bouncer, bartender, cop, and sketchy street begger and I want to go somewhere noone knows me.

    • I've only been in the city for a little over two months. I'm just happy the only reason I'm up here is for college and I'm going home for winter break soon. It's more quiet and peaceful and not swarming with cops and people who can't seem to drive.

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  • I was in the city for about an hour and was sick of it.

    I love where I live so very much.

    Corn fields. Horses. Cows. Last place to get plowed in the winter. Wide open spaces. It's a good time.

    Living in the city would be horrible lol

    • I love a little club action and booze at every corner with different bars every 3 feet as a get away but living here makes it lose luster. Living here makes it feel like I'm not going out.

    • Oh I don't like going out. My "going out" is when I go to the movies. That's a 20 minute car ride away. So is any restaurant.

      The grocery store is a trip in and of itself. It takes 10 minutes to get there. And to the gas station. And to basically anywhere else.

      It's delightful.

    • Well I love going out and meeting new people cause I'm a young single guy in my early 20's but when I see the same people every time I go out its so draining. Even my hometown had different comers and goers in the local hangouts.

  • It took me like a day and i wanted to go back to texas!

  • almost there.


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