Am I wrong for calling her out and punching her?

In the car i sat next to my sister for a long ride...
she's on her period, and i smelled evry single last second of it...

when she stood up i got a whiff of her period smell and oh... my... godd..

id rather drink out of a dirty public toilet than smell that again..

it stunk so bad.. i raised my window down to get rid of the smell, and my sister sitting next to me said
"its cold raise up your window" im over here dying.. smelling her.. she never takes baths and her period smell was... omg...

we were aqrguing about the window
she's yelling "why won't you close it its cold!!! nag nag nag nag nag nag nag"

i got so fed up and yelled
"Because you're on your period and you stink!! that's why!!!"

she got so mad
she grabbed my head, yanked it and started punching me in my stomach, leg..

so yeah i admit i punched her back..
it was one small tap compared to how she was hitting me..

i tried to aim for her arm/shoulder and she moved, so i hit her head
she stopped and started crying and i got in trouble

(its not like she's little she's 16 turning 17 next September,
and im turning 16 in february)

am i wrong for punching her or did she deserve it?

(i was always taught not to hit girls unless they are out of line, and i thought she really was punching me like that because she didn't take care of her body...)

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Of course only i got in trouble because im the guy and she was crying so... yeah..


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  • I guess I'm the only once who got your situation. All siblings argue. And you telling her she stinks yeah you could have let her know nicer but most likely she still would have gotten pissed. You shouldn't have hit her but my brother is 9 years older than me and he will throw me around or smack me. It's not right but he does. He's been with the same girlfriend for 11 years and has never hit her. So I think it's a brother sister fight.
    But you're driving and she's bitching about the cold. She's trying to take the clean air from you. Lol you get fed up and yell she smells and she starts hitting you. While you're driving? Yeah I would have pulled over and got out until she settled. Tell your mom to talk to her about hygiene.


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  • Wow your sister is pretty immature. A period is a period it's really no big deal and it's quite natural to be on your period. If her period smells THAT bad, then maybe she should go to a doctor to have herself examined because that is not normal. It's not supposed to smell that bad. Unless she was leaking blood from her panties/undies, I don't think you would have noticed. If her hygene is that bad at 16/17 then how is she not embarrased when she goes out in public and or goes to school smelling like old blood? That's nasty. Also, you. You need to realize that some women can be moody during their monthly. You also need to grow up and realize that calling someone stinky or getting mad at some one isn't very mature or nice. Why would you want to be mean to family for? That doesn't make sense. Be mean to people who are strangers if you must but your own family? Pretty soon you will be off to college and not really see her again and she will be the same and maybe she will even have her own family in the future and then you will miss the sibling bond.

  • Both of you were wrong.

  • Just some advice for you, no girl is ever going to want to date a guy who finds periods disgusting. They are natural and if I could get rid of them for every woman on the plant forever, I would. Anyways I think you are both in the wrong. Your sister is immature. But you also need to grow up and realize that every woman on planet earth hates their period and yes we are moody because our ovaries are getting chainsaw happy because we are not pregnant so deal with it.

    • I don't think he's saying he hates periods. I doubt it's really anything he thinks about. He said he could smell her and it was making him sick. 1st He shouldn't be able to smell her period. 2nd he said she doesn't shower much. She needs to learn hygiene. 3rd He never said he doesn't sympathize with women who have to deal with their period.

  • hey if she didn't want to get hit then she shouldn't have hit you. My brother and I have rule about hitting each other. Seeing as we both literally knocked each others teeth out and put holes in the walls from slamming each others body in the wall and breaking our bunk beds (made out of metal) we decided in middle school to leave each other alone.

    • exactly she's not a girly girl either she acts like a dude so it wasn't a girly hit...

  • I hope you are gay because no girl wants to date a guy who finds periods this disgusting.

    by the way you were both wrong.


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  • Both of you were wrong.
    You: For being pretty immature and putting her on the spot, i'm sure her admitting she's on her period is embarrassing enough, but you putting her on the spot that she stinks because of it. . . is pretty messed up.

    Her: she got so mad
    she grabbed my head, yanked it and started punching me in my stomach, leg..

    • she kept asking why raise up the window and i didn't want to say it because i knew it would embarrass her so i just said because i wanted it up

      she kept yelling and nagging so i told her... and she got mad

  • While I have no doubt that smell as you described it would run flies off a guy wagon in summer time I had to say handle it differently. It would have embarrassed her to no end I would have called mom or dad off and explained to them that I am gonna spew if you don't have her bath that rotten crotch

  • I feel your pain. Would it kill her to take a bath? I'm satisfied that you acted in self-defence.

  • bitch was out of line i understand

  • Out of line. I hope I see you put a women in line so I have a reason to put your sorry ass in a pinebox 6ft under never mind back in line. You discuss me. You have no excuse. Your sister shouldn't have hit you but you should be ashames. Also if your sister is that unhigenic you need to have her see a doctor

  • Tell me, if she complained when you were feverish that you stank of puss would you take that well?