Did anyone have car transmission die before?

I have an old car and the car wouldn't shift gears and was making an awful awful loud noise. The mechanic said the transmission is dead. Did this ever happen to you? Ah it's so bad.

My car is worth very little and transmission is expensive. Probably will get rid of car.


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  • We have had a car transmission give trouble before. However, the brand of car that is famous for having its transmissions die is anything that is made by Audi. Audi cars have a name for their transmission dying.

    • That's not true.

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    • @MaybeNot1 you are the one that can't have a conversation because you won't accept that German cars have a bad reputation in my country. You were also being rude. It is rude to laugh at someone just because you don't agree with them. I have had enough with this you won't listen anyway, you are the one killing the conversation not me. I never said your car was unreliable all I said is German cars have a bad name for reliability in my country because they do. You just don't want to accept they have a bad name here among a lot of people. You also avoided my question. So you are the one that can't have the conversation.

    • @MaybeNot1 Like I have told you already I have seen countless German cars giving problems. You also might want to take a look at the car reliability study it also says German cars are among the most unreliable.


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  • Luckily enough no, that has never happened to me. You can either get that replaced (will probably cost you a couple of grand) or sell the car for scrap.


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  • That's what you get for driving a lemon.

    • @Applefan1 You can't block me, and expect me to go on with the conversation. . . things just don't work that way. lol

  • Probably slats or clutch basket. It is about 50 euros.

  • Just replace it with a new one or go to the wreckers.

    • Yea a mechanic will rip u off so if u hav enough money to buy a new car then probably do that. Unless u have someone who is good with cars and can get a second hand one from the wreckers cheaply and put it in your car for u.

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