Favourite Bond Girl?

Eva Green is the one for me, something about her that makes me weak at the knees lol...
With so many to choose from, who does it for you?


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  • Haha yes, 53 years of movie history this year. xD I haven't managed to see all the Bond movies yet; I guess that I've seen maybe 12 or 13 Bond movies in full, and bits and pieces of the remaining dozen films or so.

    But out of all the ones I've seen, EVA GREEN is my favorite too. :D She played one of the most interesting female characters in the series by far, she's really interesting-looking -- and let's face it: she's just INSANELY attractive. xD




    • Pics :) nice work
      Yeah I just started watching penny dreadful too, only because I heard she was in it haha

    • You nailed it, calling her look interesting... So hard to explain

    • @timmy111 Ahah thanks. Well I tried to search photos of her from Casino Royale, since this is about Bond. Pretty sure everyone's already seen the more famous pics of her in the fancy casino dress that shows off her boobs lol, so I tried to find different ones here. xD The 1st one is a production photo for advertising I think, while the 2nd and 3rd were candids of her goofing around the set during shooting ahaha. Just thought they were pretty funny and cute. xD

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