Girls, Girls how many of you use tampons & are still virgin?

Girls, how many of you use tampons & still are virgins? Does it hurt or feel uncomfortable also?


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  • I do.

    It doesn't hurt, and unless its a particularly dry and/or sensitive day, its not uncomfortable either.

    There is a hole in the hymn, and the thing does stretch without tearing (which, really if it does tear when you pop your cherry you're either being too rough or it was really thin) so it is very possible to use a tampon. I wouldn't recommend a menstrual cup though until after that cherry is popped. That shit hurts.

    • I also have never tried a tampon before?

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    • Pfff. Depends who you're talking to.

      I wear them to bed. (I hate walking in a pad let alone sleeping in the damn things) you aren't supposed to but if you change it right before you go to bed and right after you wake up you'll be fine. Eight hours is the reccomended max time to wear it for, but I've left it in accidentally for half the day on numerous occasions and I'm okay.

      If you have anymore questions, feel free to message me.

    • Ok thanks :)

  • Mostly use pads, as I find tampons uncomfortable but that's bc I don't know how to use them correctly. But I've used them before where it didn't hurt nor feel uncomfortable, it was just weird

    • I've always used pads but I just wanted to know if they are uncomfortable if your stil a virgin

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