Is this calorie intake good to lose weight?

Suddenly since months my excercise is going on and off, I don't feel like moving. But by just dieting can I lose weight? 1400 calorie intake daily. Will it work?


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  • Find a maintenance calorie calculator and use that as your standard, for me it is 2,900 calories a day. For you, depending on height, weight, age, etc. its probably around 1,900, in that ballpark.

    After that it's simple math, if you eat more calories each day than your maintenance you are guaranteed to gain weight, if you eat less calories each day than your maintenance you are guaranteed to lose weight.

    Reduce your intake on: Soda, sugars/sweets, "enriched" white carbs (pizza, white bread, pasta, pastries).

    And sweat as often as possible! good luck!


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  • hmmm... How tall and how much do you weight? I suggest you use my fitness pal or my plate tracker!

    • Yes I started using fitness pal, how often should I check my weight?

    • hmmm every week in the moring after you eat and in 3 month check your measurement!

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  • In simple words - No, but you can try intermittent fasting instead.
    You'll get comparatively better results than dieting alone.

    • Intermittent Fasting is a very effective bodybuilding-style method that is advanced and shouldn't be recommended to your average girl wanting to just lose some weight, in my opinion. :)

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    • @consultantisback - Well she didn't specify her weight so I assumed she'd maybe having a BMI above 25.

      Haha can't control my doctor insticts.
      I agree with you but if the patient comes in moderate obese category then calorie restriction alone won't help.

      Anyways it's good to see another fitness enthusiastic here.

    • @consultantisback - Yeah so as ketogenic diet but I'm currently studying for my master degree in orthopaedics, so I need carbs regularly otherwise my brain would catch fire pretty quick

  • You don't provide enough details.

    I can only say how it is in my case : I'm eating like crazy at the moment - I suspect I'm still growing as I have the impression that my size L jacket got to small lately.

    If I eat less than 3000 calories a day, (I'm somewhere in between 3500 and 4000) I lose weight. I have a mesomorph body type, so naturally inclined to being muscular.
    I'm not fat and I don't really work out..
    But just eating less is not healthy, rather find out what exactly to eat.

  • I base my meals on their contents and how my body reacts to them, not calorie intake. Calories are superficial, focus on what it is you're actually consuming.

    Think about it in this perspective: Would you rather consume 1400 calories of lard or 1400 calories of salads. If you're basing your diet soley on calorie intake, your choice shouldn't matter now should it...

    Calories are just numbers that were calculated in physics labs, not biological testing. Focus on what makes your biology feel good and healthy.

  • ok so no.
    what you need to decrease is sugar/carbs. please don't do a fat/calorie diet

    when you look at sugar you will be shocked how much sugar there is in regular food


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  • That depends on your body weight and activity level. Not moving much won't help your weight loss at all.

    @ConsultantIsBack Care to weigh in?

  • It depends on how much you ate before, what kind of foods you eat to reach that calorie intake, how much do you weight, etc.
    But, just from that number, it doesn't sound a bad start.

    • My height is 5'7 or 5'8, I had lost weight but recently I have put on again, I have to lose weight again. I have to lose around 40 kgs to come to my ideal weight. So first I use to not count my calories but now I will. Maybe like once in a while I may exercise like skipping, dancing or like planks/crunches and more.

  • It depends on your metabolism and your basic metabolic rate - I'm 177, 52kg and my basic metabolic rate is somewhere between 1400 and 1500 so with that intake I wouldn't be likely to lose any weight/or lose weight very slowly.
    There are websites where you can calculate your basic metabolic rate by entering some basic stats about you - it usually gives you a good estimate.
    If you wanna lose weight you should eat less calories than you burn.