Whats that mean when... ?

A girl friend ( by the way we aren't friends too much just hi and how are u.. ) gaze at me and when i look at her she acts like she didn't mean to look at me ! And then back to gaze at me again like wtf ! by the way whatever her feelings toward me i don't care coz its just friend and won't be more than that but i want to know why?

  • She likes me
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  • She just liked my look
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  • Thats normal
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  • She wanted to talk to me
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  • She likes you, girls do that all the time 😆 she looks when you aren't looking, and she doesn't want you to see her looking at you so whenever you look at her she looks away, and when she sees that you aren't looking at her anymore , she looks again, and so on.. Probably she is shy so instead of talking with you she starts looking at you, that's what girls do even if it seems creepy or awkward 😐😁


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  • She might like you, She also might just like your look only, def not normal, there is a lower chance she wanted to talk to you because she might just be one of the socially very awkward people who don't know how to ask you to talk to her? Maybe, just maybe there's no other prove that proves otherwise with her looking at you.

    • Yeah thank you :)

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    • Hahaha :D really thanks man :)

    • Ur welcome. :D

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  • She liikes you;)
    Brow it s normal we all do that wheb we re shy.
    And why aren t you interested?😌

    • Its normal or she likes me , choose one not 2 :P :D
      I'm always not interested and don't care haha :P

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    • Yeah true , by the way thank you mrs. sarah for ur advice :P

    • Anytime frodo^^

  • she likes you nd i wish you good luck✌️❤️


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