Why was these one guy ryan schuette nicer then the rest of is friend?

So I was interested in these group of guys went up started talking to them. Everything was going good , then after couple days or so things started to change in these guys except for ryan schuette He never said anything rude comments about me , he never even. called me slick like most of they guys there In that group. Ryan schuettes
Always smiled at me. Even after following them he still smiled still didn't call me names. It's funny because he was the one that was really interested in him not the other friends. I guess ryan schuettes was just being him. I was going to tell ryan schuettes that I was crushing on him
But I chickened out at the last minute
Why was he so nice , he totally wasn't like is friends. Why was he being nice. I do appreciate it that he was nice to me , even thought I let following them. I know I shouldn't have but I was a teenager They intrigued me back then. Was he just being nice or was ryan schuettes interested in me like crushing on Me was he nervous to talk to me. About it. So why out of that five in the group be nice to me?


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  • Because he is Ryan Schuettes.


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  • Some people are just nicer than others. I wouldn't read too much into that. I also wouldn't post the guy's first and last name on here.

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