Could you post some good EDM song in your native language?

Most of the EDM songs are in English, but are there any cool EDM songs in your native language?
EDM is Electronic Dance Music


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  • My native language is English.

  • Listen to sash. They were minted in my day. Released songs in French Italian. You name it. Equador was my favourite when I was a wee guy

    • I love Sash too :D

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    • Judge jules was the best in the world in my day. The judge won't budge was his catchphrase. He did some great gigs in ibiza and his slot on radio 2 in the uk every Saturday evening. My ex and her pals used to have a pirate radio station that went out all over the west of scotland every weekend. She used to mix her own set on the decks. Used to sort out gang problems too with phone ins. Was mint. Prevented a lot of murders just being a go between coz they had such a high volume of listeners. This music brings out the love in people

    • Yeah, I agree on that :D

  • Here, this one is in German


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